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Xbox-Scene Tutorial: Create an ISO with Qwix in 10 easy steps (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : fin1581 (from forums.xbox-scene.com)
Last edited: April 30, 2004

In my first attempt to make an ISO for Evox, I used Qwix and I don't think it could have been any easier for me. There are many other good ISO creation programs but I found Qwix to be the easiest for me. Here is how you make an ISO of Evox using Qwix (you can use this to make any ISO image, just use your files instead of Evox files).

Necessary Software(these can also be found in the tutorial):

Burning Software

1. Once you have obtained the newest release of Evox, open it up in Winrar, or any other .rar extracting program. Go here to get a copy of Winrar. After you extract the .rar file, there should be an .xbe file, an ms info document, and the evox config settings file.

2. Put those three files into a folder and name it whatever you want, New Evox for example. Now you also should include a "dummy file" in this folder. A dummy file can be any decent sized file (about 250MB-500MB should be sufficient). This files makes it easier for the XBox to read the disk - sometimes it has trouble picking up only small files like your ISO files. Once you have your Evox files and dummy file in your new folder, you can move onto the next step. MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT THIS FOLDER!

3. Next, Get a copy of Qwix...you can download Qwix 1.01 on xbox-scene HERE.

4. So you downloaded Qwix and now have a .rar file of Qwix. Use your .rar extractor(Winrar in my case) to extract the file.

5. Now double click Qwix again to open it in Winrar. There should be four files...open Qwix_FAQ.html and read through this thoroughly.

6. Then open Qwix.exe. Once Qwix loads, go to Create ISO (it's on the left side of the screen).

7. Next, choose local folder as your source and click the box with three dots all the way to the right to browse through the folders and find the folder that you made of your new evox files earlier.

8. Once you find your Evox folder (the one with your Evox and dummy files in it), hit OK. You will be back to the original Qwix screen.

9. Now click the Create ISO button. Choose your new evox folder to create it as an .iso file.

10. Once created as an ISO folder, you can now use Nero, or any other burning software, to burn it as an image to a CD-RW or DVD-R and then load it into your XBox.

IMO, Nero is easiest to burn ISO's - and you can get all you need for it FREE right here. You only need the first package but you can get them all if you would like. After burning the ISO, just pop it in the XBox and you are ready to install Evox, or whatever ISO image you made.

Also, for more information on how to use the other great features of Qwix or to get answers to FAQ's about Qwix, check out PuddWakkr's great guide to Qwix here - thanks Pudd!

Tutorial written by : fin1581 (from forums.xbox-scene.com)



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