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Replacing a Blown Xbox Fuse (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Hardwareman
Last edited: September 15, 2003

Xbox does not power up

Possible Solutions:
Blown Fuse

Connect multimeter or contunity tester to fuse and check

What you'll need:
* Replacement Fuse - 15A, 250V
* Fuse Holder to match your fuse, Inline Recomended, but mine was salvaged and is definitely not inline
* Solder

* Soldering Iron
* Tools to remove Xbox lid

Before we begin

Don't hold me or anyone else responsible for any damage you might do to yourself, your box, or your reputation. It is your fault should you screw anything up, and you shouldn't. The capacitors in the box's power supply can hold a charge for a long while, so give 'em time to dissapate their charge, which they probably have if you had the time to head to the 'net for a tutorial. Don't bridge the contacts with your finger, unless you don't want any meat on it.

Thanks to smokeingit's Tutorial. I just wanted to expand on the subject.


1. Remove the Xbox lid
2. Locate the 2 two screws holding the power supply in place, disconnect power to mainboard, and remove power supply

The mightly Xbox powersupply

3. Find the fuse, in my Fox power supply, the fuse was close to the plug connector, and shrouded in heatshrink tubing, but don't worry, you won't be taking it out unless you feel the need

Microsoft's cleverly disguised fuse, marked here for user servicablility

4. You can either:

I. Desolder the fuse (harder)
II. Just solder around the fuse (easy)

The pads where the points for the fuse are located

5. To desolder the fuse, find the two points where it is connected, heat up the solder below, and wiggle the fuse out, this is not neccessary, but it looks better, and after you do this, you can cut the heatshrink around the fuse, and see if it is blown. Next solder the fuse holder into the holes where the fuse was connected
6. If you decide not to desolder the fuse, simply solder one lead of the fuse holder to the top of the current fuse, and solder the other lead to the bottom of the power supply's board where the bottom of the fuse connects to the board
7. Check connections by pulling firmly on the fuse holder leads
8. Find a suitable mounting position for the fuse, I used hot glue, and glued it around where the original was, if you do decide to glue, make sure you can still clear the hard drive tray
9. Reassemble, making sure that the power connector was the same direction that you removed it, if in doubt check my pic belo

Please note: I opted not to use an inline fuse holder, because I had this fine looking style and a 15amp fuse on hand that fit, but the inline is much safer, neater, and of course costs money.

Tutorial written by : Hardwareman



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