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Xbox-Scene Legal Tools Downloads

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on this page is non-commercial or freeware.
None of the content should contain any copyright protected code or break any other European copyright law. If that's not the case , contact me and I will (after verification) remove the content immediately.

C-XBox Tool is one of the most All in One tool for XBox. It offers a lot of easy to use features like creating or extracting ISO's, Multigame wizards, File transferring and more. And it's multilanguage.

* Extract ISO
* Create ISO
* Create CD/DVD multigames with MenuX
* Create CD/DVD multigames with MXM
* Create CD/DVD multigames directly from ISO
* Create ISO directly from Xbox HD
* FTP Client
* FTP transfert PC<>Xbox from ISO
* Avalaunch Boost-Mode support
* Explore CD/DVD burned from ISO
* Patch XBE
* Rename XBE titles
* Images editor
* Themes manager
* Skins manager
* Multilanguage
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.0.6<<

This tool dumps all data tracks on a CD to ISO files, dumps all audio tracks on a CD to MP3 files, and creates a cue sheet with all the proper filenames.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

Fill in the settings. Click start and it will copy whatever DVD Disc you have in the XBOX and produce a true GDF ISO Image on your local PC Hard Drive and burn it to a blank DVD/CD. It has burning support, automatically removes the media check from all files and its very easy to use, especially for noobs.
>>Download<< || By CloneXB || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

Craxtion is the cleanest and easiest to use xbox ISO tool that enables the users to create/extract *true* xbox ISO using Microsoft GDFImage/XImage and now with Built In Hard-Coded Extractor written by Fedge & Lepper! Craxtion has also implemented a MultiGame creation wizard(MenuX and MXM) which creates a ready-to-burn ISO image from a list of ISO's or Directories that you select. Multigames are customizable with themes that you can download and import directly from inside craxtion!
Craxtion has an ISO Explorer as well which lets you view the contents of an ISO and extract invidual files from it at maximum speed!
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v4.0.0<<

This is a gui for the widely popular Extract-XISO created by in. This GUI allows you to create, rewrite, and extract an XISO.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

Create a XBOX disc game ISO file.
Looks like as the copyrighted GDFimage, of the XBOX Development Kit of Microsoft..
Its free and can be used without legal problem.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

Game Disk Format Image GUI is a GUI for GDFIMAGE, a Microsoft tool useful for make ISO for XBOX console. The GDFIMAGE tool by Microsoft is a program that works in DOS so it isn't easy to use. The GUI requires GDFIMAGE to work (not included due to copyrighted material).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

This programs enables you to peek inside your XBOX iso files.
With this program You can view the files as text, hexadecimal and image (some formats), and also extract files, directories, or the entire ISO to directories on your computer hard drive.
This one is written by ector
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

This tool has been written as a substitute to the copyright-licensed "gdfimage" Tool by Microsoft which can be found in the XBox Development Kit (XDK).
It features a XBox ISO Extractor and a XBox ISO Rebuilder. Both functions have totally been coded from the scratch and the tool therefore contains no Microsoft copyrighted code.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

Make an xiso (xbox iso format) files easily with this utility.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

Make an xiso (xbox iso format) files easily with this utility.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.21<<

It will do extracting, local or to ftp, one file or a batch and creating Xiso. This program is a GUI interface for extract-xiso on Mac OSX.
It is also able to browse the FTP to select the target folder.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.2 beta<<

MooGUI is a batch file creator for use with XDVDFS Tools for those of us that are keyboard challenged. XDVDFS Tools is command line driven and has no GUI, anytime you want to use it you have to launch up a command window (DOS window) and type all the parameters it needs. This is where MooGUI comes in.
Feature List:
* Layout editor
* FTP download game folders with boostmode
* FTP download layouts from Xbox
* Apply standard type 1 or type 2 optimizations
* Customizable scripts for repetitive layout editing
* Import ACL file EP commands
* Wizard driven interface for ISO creation
* XBE patcher
* Build a layout from files on PC, useful for homebrew apps and games
* Build multi-game layout files
* Extract ISOs
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.3.0<<

>> Qwix
Qwix is a new Xbox and ISO management tool for the Windows platform. Connection manager makes it easy to keep settings specific to different Xboxes or dashboards.
Offers alot of management and useful features in combination with Avalaunch dashboard. Also allows extremely fast filetransfers between PC and Xbox.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.01<<

SUXX is a iso extraction tool that supports extracting from rar's and transfering to the ftp all on the fly.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: build 0102<<

It's a 2 in 1 program. It can create or extract an Xbox ISO.
(It can do both at the same time).
It's faster and uses less CPU then tools using XDFSExtract.exe and gdfimage.exe.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.3<<

This program is the successor of GDFImage GUI and allow you to easily build, extract your XBOX ISOs (with Batch support). Also, you can manage your games through a database. The program uses Windows API (so no other file is required except for the Visual Basic RunTime) and is extremely optimized. The archive contains all you need to start using the program, except for the GDFIMAGE.EXE tools because is under Microsoft Copyright. The GDFIMAGE GUI is not supported and is not available for download.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.3<<

Based on the Xiso Xfer source code:
*True "on the fly" extraction, files will be transferred straight to your XBOX without being saved to disk first (if you have enough ram).It's the fastest tool currently available.
* Supports rar files, just open them as you would an iso.
* Chooses a destination directory name automatically, based on examination of xbe files inside the iso.
* Batch mode, just select or drag&drop multiple files and sit back.
* No bloaty skins
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

This project began as an XDFSLister for 'Extract Tool' which will print out the contents of a XDFS formated iSO file in a format 'Extract Tool' can use. As of today, this latest utility (v0.3+) is NO LONGER a lister... it's now an *extractor* to aid in pulling data from .iSO format files. Enjoy! =]
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.5a<<

This tool was written to read the contents of Xbox ISO Files. (normal ISO extracting software can not extract XBOX ISO's)
Very easy to use,just open the ISO and it displays the structure of the XDFS file system. In the right pane it will show the files in the currently selected directory, just right click the file, and select extract file to extract that file to your local hard disk.
This was written based on the findings of Andrew De Quincy, visit his page www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/~lucien/computing/projects/xbox/XDVDFS.htm for details of the XDFS file system.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1.1<<

XDVDFS Tools contains several xISO utils that will allow you to exactly re-create an xISO disc (same order of files as orignal).
* Generates XDVDFS search trees. (GDFIMAGE does not)
* Much faster than GDFIMAGE.
* Combined with XDVDFS_Dumper can recreate a disk with all file
* system optimizations preserved.
* Can pad images to 4.38 GiB.
* Portable. (Win32, Linux, MacOS)
* Source code included.
No Download || By [SNK] / Supremacy / CloneXB / xbwin / Mwg || >>Latest version: v2.1<<

XDisc Automaters are a collection of 2 automation scripts that will give you quick access to extracting and creating XBox ISOs in Mac OS X 10.4. Once installed, they will show up in your "Automater" menu when you right click on a folder or iso file in the finder...quick and easy! They use the new Automater application inside Mac OS X 1.04, so 10.4 is required for them to work. They use extract-xiso 2.3 to create and extract the ISOs.
>>Download<< || By trackfive || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

Another xISO extractor/creator
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.1.2<<

Track Five from XS.. has made a Native OS X Gui/util that allows you to backup your original retail game and FTP to PC, and then ISO. (acts as a front end to extract-iso)
No Download || By trackfive

Quick and dirty drag and drop ISO tools for Mac OS X using extract-xiso as the engine. Works on Mac OS X 10.3.x. Included: Droptimze (ISO optimizer), DropCreate (Create ISO from local folder), DropExtract (Extract ISO contents to local drive) and DropList (List contents of ISO).
>>Download<< || By Trackfive || >>Latest version: v1<<

This program is the successor of the GDFImage GUI.
* Make a GDF ISO (the original XBOX file system)
* Extract an ISO in a specified folder (must exist)
* Manage your games with a MS Access compatible Database. (you can store your game information plus the cover)
* Check if you have sufficient space before extracting or building ISOs
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.4<<

Xbox ISO Extractor is a GUI front-end for the extract-xiso tool.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

First of many #xboxopensource (EFnet) projects released ... The source for Xbox Image Creator 3.0 have been released by the team.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v3.0<<

XBox Ripper is a simple program designed to do one job - copy files from an XBox CD ROM drive to a directory on a PC.
* Rips entire directory structure and contained files using an FTP connection
* Xbox ISO image creation.
* Quick, simple two click usage.
* Automatic directory creation
* Retrieve disc file size and name
* View space total/left on your local drives (C: through to I:)
* Full 'Right Click' shortcut menu
* Status bar
* CD or DVD burning for any ISO size (including ones made with other programs)
* Auto update working with no user interaction required
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.5<<

For Mac OS X. Supports all the operations from extract-xiso including, creating, extracting, uploading, etc.
>>Download<< || By trackfive || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

* Extracting XISO (XBOX ISO) file to local HD.
* Building XISO file from local HD.
* Extracting XISO directly to XBOX HD using FTP Client.
* Browsing the XBOX HD for destination, and the ability to make a new folder to extract the XISO in it.
* Automatically naming the new folder using the original game name taken from default.xbe file.
* Burning and XISO image to a CD or a CDRW. (Failed to implement DVD-R writing - help needed).
* Automatically patch the Default.xbe for the new media flag (while building XISO image).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.5.1<<

ZXBTools is a windows program With the one you could build multigame menus for Xbox in a fast and easy way. You only have to choose folders or ISOs where games are, write a description and select a thumbnail for each game.
ZXBTools have others features:
+ Extract isos to hd or direct transfer to xbox by FTP
+ Build optimized isos (using extract-xiso)
+ Rename and patch media flag from xbe
+ Theme support in multigame discs
+ Integration with windows explorer using shell extensions
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.6a<<

This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

gXiso is a GTK2 (interface) graphical tool written in Python for Linux and Windows to extract (with RAR support) and/or upload xbox iso images to xbox. It's released under the GNU license.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.5<<

xiso creator for Mac OS X.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

Its a Cocoa based GUI for mkisofs to create XBox compatible UDF-ISOs on Mac OS-X.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: beta3<<

xISO xFER is another Xbox ISO image extractor. There are several other xISO extractors out there, and if you are satisfied with the one you are currently using, stick with it. The main feature with xISO xFER is that you can select your xISO (Xbox ISO) image and extract and transfer it 'on-the-fly' to your Xbox. It is thereby not necessary to extract the ISO prior to transferring it to your Xbox.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.0.2<<

An xbox ISO tool (extracting , packing & ftp support) for Linux. Working on the following platforms: x86-linux, x86_64-linux, x86-freebsd, x86-netbsd, ppc-osx, alpha-linux, sparc-solaris.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.6.0<<

XBISO is an XBOX ISO extractor written in Perl. It can extract the contents of an XBOX ISO file to disk, or directly to the XBOX via FTP.
This version of xbiso.pl is a modified port of Tonto Rosenfaunt's original 'xbiso', which was written in C. Though his version supports FTP, I couldn't find any version of libftp which would link with it (I was probably too lame/lazy to find the right one).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.6<<

>> xiso
xISO can create & read XBOX ISOs , Inject files & patching XBE devkit files so they work in a retail modded xbox. The reading can be done from a Image or directly from a CD/DVD (ripped, not original).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.15<<


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